Deaf UK Jobs: FAQs For Advertisers

How do I post an advert?

The list is entirely free, and to post an advert:

a) Put the text of the advert in the main body of an e mail in plain text. Please don’t use file attachments or html.

b) In the subject line of the e mail, please state the job title and where the job is based. For example:
Cleaner – Deafies United, Shetlands
Social Worker – Anyplace Council

c) Send it to

Some notes:

Please don’t put at the top of the advert: please distribute this, can you send this etc.  If you do, I then have to edit and it creates more work.

You do not need to be a subscriber of Deaf UK Jobs to post an advert. If you want to know if your advert has gone through, I suggest when you send it to the list, you cc. or bcc. your own e mail address so you receive the mail when it is distributed.

When do job adverts get distributed?

Usually a couple of times a week. Do not send your advert until it is ready for distribution.

When do you remove adverts?

Deaf UK Jobs is an e mailing list, so e mails cannot be removed from people’s inboxes. The adverts remain on the archives. For this reason, we encourage you to ensure that you advert carries a closing date.  Should you later need to amend an advert, repost the advert and in the subject line put:
AMENDED: [job title] – [organisation/location]

How do I contact Alison?

E mail to:

The list is managed voluntarily, and generally there’s a few hundred e mails to wade through each week.  So it gets a bit difficult when several people ask me to do things for them, they could very well have done so themselves.  Please help me to help you.  If you’re stuck, then give me a nudge.

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