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Odeo on eBay?

Software such as Odeo brings recording audio to the masses a step closer, and it is free. Such audio services are being published on the net, with very little consideration re accessibility issues, solutions and moreover even flagging it is an issue.

It is now being suggested to use Odeo as the way to publish audio content on eBay.

Reasons for promotion of audio are outlined as:

"... have seen the either extremely brief product descriptions or the descriptions that are so long that you could never possibly weed out the “real” info.

Enter audio. .... Podcast your eBay auction! Simply record your product description and then link to the audio on your eBay auction."

This is a worrying trend in that individuals might not be covered by their domestic disability discrimination laws, and with the international nature of the internet, then the country in which the seller resides may not even be covered in terms of obligations. It should be said that it was also suggested that:

"You’d still want to include a written description for obvious reasons"

However, one wonders if people will drop text, and in turn how accessible eBay might be in future, which includes the ownership of Skype? What about Deaf people in all this, and where does the obligation lie?