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December 21, 2006

Deafies not welcome at Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! Video is an idiot, and certainly a case of indirect discrimination.

Yahoo! Video states:

"Videos without audio will not be processed"

So that means videos using sign language, which will often be processed with no sound, cannot be uploaded. An extremely bad move.

December 4, 2006

Power of blogging: Part 3

Last week I posted something about Crowd Spirit and wondered if we could make use of.

This has since been picked up by the Crowdsourcing blog, and comments on accessibility, and what might be accessible for us, could be accessible for all, and generally good practice.

If I had made the same comments within an e mail group, I doubt if comments would have been accessible, or linked to. Too much valuable opinion is locked away in this manner, and even through private e mails. Without a more public platform, others don't have the opportunity to learn and networks made, through an open dialogue. In this instance, connection could have mutual benefits, with new ideas being exchanged in respective circles. This can only be of benefit, and for us, a move away from dependency and frustration.

December 1, 2006

Power of blogging: Part 2

thresherdiscount.jpgYesterday I typed a post about the power of blogging, specifically mentioning the Thresher discount coupon, from this blog.

Watching BBC One o' clock news, this item was featured, and it mentioned that 800,000 downloads had taken place from Stormhoek alone, plus the pdf was being e mailed. Instead of focusing on the power of blogging, the story focused on Thresher being taken aback by demand, and said that it was still going to honour the discount. It then went onto talk about mark up, and Thresher could still make a profit from this. Which makes you question how much wine is begin marked up in the first place.

Valid questions, its a shame more focus wasn't given to how marketing has taken place by blogging alone. Perhaps, the mainstream media feels threatened, and needs to maintain its status quo, even if the BBC does not depend on advertising.