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Deaf people & Firefox Extensions

What Firefox extensions would you like to see?

Ken Saunders of AccessFox asks:

Firefox currently only has extensions for persons with poor eyesight, dyslexia, color blondness and for blind persons, but there are no Firefox extensions for deaf persons.

I'd like to do some brainstorming .... to see if that anyone has a suggestion for a Firefox extension(s) that will benefit deaf persons.

I can't guarantee that the extension will be made because I'm not a developer, but I have had a few extensions either made, or modified for persons with disabilities, and I know of several developers who may be able to help.

Here's my initial thoughts:

* An extension to automatically turn sound off in your browser, and sits at the bottom of your browser (as other extensions do) to be enabled / disabled. Sometimes I'm oblivious to my browser making a noise, and completely forgotten to turn the sound off on this.
* As an alternative twist to a sound extension, something that sits at the bottom to tell you if sound is currently being played or not, which gives me the option of on/off.
* Deaf blogs notifier
* Twitter notifier

Of course, the biggest one is an extension to subtitle all sound in the form of speech recognition.

So what extension would you like to see and why?


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What more extensions!

Hard to say extensions I would like to see, as there are already soi many, and I have abt 50 or so installed.

The one regarding sound, you mentioned Alison, would be great..as I don't wear my hearing aids all that often when on PC, unless listening to music.

CLOSED CAPTIONS! I never see any online video coming with closed captions. I'm told that some streaming programs already have captions, like news broadcasts, but the web site shuts them off to save bandwidth, or something like that. (Not sure I'm using the correct technical terms here, excuse me.) My request is that IF the program comes with closed-captions, DO NOT turn them off. Put on a button that the viewer can press to turn them on or off.

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