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TwitterHow many of you are using Twitter out there?

I've got a bit of an early adapter streak in me, when it comes to software, particularly social software. I just love to explore how the net can be used for productivity even collaboration, I will try software for trying its out sake. I'm curious to find out where this is all going, and immediately my head will go into overdrive around possibilities. Tony on the other hand, just accuses me of having ADD.

Twitter was one of these sites, and I signed up 4-5 months ago, just to satisfy my curiousity, thinking the novelty would die. Now its March, and I'm still there, as half the geeks on this planet. Its not something to be mocked at, and one to watch. It has been developed by Obviously / Evan Williams (the person who developed Blogger before it was sold to Google).

Twitter describes itself as:

A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, IM, or right here on the web!

One would have to ask the question around privacy (people can manage what information they reveal here, or turn their account onto so only approved friends can see their posts). The other one is, do people really want to know the small details of your life? Perhaps not, and there's certainly no proclaiming that you are important enough. However, in some part there is something compelling about mundane details of people's lives and a way of keeping in contact with friends.

However, Twitter more than than this. Whilst you can do all the above on a one to one basis, with any of your friends, this is a many to many application. I just wish that my friends would sign up like right now, and use.

On a personal level, its a curious thing for me, as I'm not a sms fan, and friends know I won't turn on my phone for days, even weeks. Sms is reserved for really have to communication. The keyboard drives me insane, and if I really have to send a sms, I will resort to using Skype. Whilst I rarely Twitter via mobile, I have done and wish more people would join in.

If you want to read more on this try Mamamusings and Ross Mayfield (both blogs I've read since 2004). Even the Guardian has picked up on it. Also see my previous post about Twapper.

So who uses it? If you are considering signing up, you really need to add some friends: real or imaginary, otherwise its no fun.


Yes, so far the only people I have as friends are movie/TV characters or friends from online forums. None of my real-life friends can be bothered. Oh well.

I maybe sounding a twit!
I still don't get it!!!
No matter how hard I try to understand it read about it I still don't get the point of twitter

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