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Vlogging grows, where's the subtitles?

vlogs.jpgValleywag picks up on some statistics from Meefeedia, on the growth of vlogs. Deaf vlogs are a bit behind this, and I give a history in this post.

With the growth of vlogging, I have one question: where is the subtitles and solutions to address this? Deaf access where? How do you balance this with individual expression?

When is policy and legislation going to be reviewed to address online space? As I said in this entry over on Grumpy Old Deafies, we have to redefine what we mean by broadcasting. A subtitling petition that addresses television is far too narrow in scope, and needs to be opened out. What is the Deaf Broadcasting Council, TAG, NAD's Technology Committee doing to address this? Committees: all get yourself a blog and communicate with us. Sheila? Ruth? Penny? David? And others, please say something.

What can we do as ordinary individuals to address this? I'm wondering if online space is similar to what we experience in physical space. Deaf individuals will frequently interact with hearing people: when they go to the supermarket, the bank, at a party, at some club. All these instances are individuals communicating, and we won't necessarily be able to access what comes out of their mouth. Unless of course they are bilingual. As online space develops, online space is just an extension of someone in meatspace, and we shouldn't expect access to individuals. Organisations on the other hand are different as they would be in the physical world, however, the BBC has still not addressed a permanent subtitling solution.

There's a conference in Banff (Canada) in just 6 weeks time which addresses standards. However, I don't see anything on multimedia content access there? Who's going and who will get our point across? With an increasing output on the web focused on audio, one has to ask the question: who's addressing the access? Someone please correct me!

We so badly need policy in this area. Before this can happen, there has to be a commitment and Deaf involvement to make this happen.


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"Blogging grows, where's ASL translation?

With the growth of blogging, I have one question: where is the ASL Translation and solutions to address this? Deaf access where? How do you balance this with individual expression?"

All I can say is that not many deaf (including me) have access to vlogs because they require high-speed or cable internet. Dial-up takes forever for ONE vlog to proceed. Seeing that there may be 10-20 vlogs daily, it might as well take 4-6 HOURS just to download the vlogs to watch. And it doesn't help that some folks using vlogs to express their opinions have BLANK expressions (no facial expressions), might as watching a hearing person try to sign with no facial expression! I don't bother watch hearing vlogs at all.

Joey Baer - oh the irony, asking for ASL translation on a British blog...

JGJones, where?

There is some new s/w out for the Mac that should help with subtitling VLOGs. It's called MovCaptioner. It will set subtitles to QT movies as fast as you can type. It keeps repeating a section of a video till you're done typing it, and when you hit the Return key it goes on to the next section. It will also give you a transcript of all your subtitles as well.
Here is the link: http://www.slidesnow.com/movcaptioner

A new version of MovCaptioner has just been released that allows the user to create movie captions in SMIL format and Flash CS3 format as well as embedded QT caption tracks. It will also output transcripts with timestamps, and improvements to the interface make it even easier to create and edit captions.

The new URL for MovCaptioner is:


The latest version adds .SRT and .SUB export which works with Google video. Can also use Windows Media files to create SAMI caption files. Spruce STL support will be available soon as well so you can import captions into DVD Studio Pro.

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