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An example of how deafread doesn't cater for an international audience

I posted about this John Low and James Strachan resigning over at Grumpy Old Deafies. This is major breaking news in the UK if not internationally (for those of you who care about deaf organisation politics). Not all of it is currently to be found online elsewhere. That said, I don't even care anymore. My reaction was along the lines of, indifference.

Anyhow, this comes from the biggest deaf organisation in the UK, where there is so much unrest towards. It has been the subject of a book, the focus of a large number of demos, and much scandal in recent years. This story has rumblings in the mainstream press too.

What did deafread.com do with it? Stick it in Deafread Extra! Apparently its not newsworthy enough, possibly contravenes some rule or perhaps international issues are not understood by the moderators enough. Or perhaps its an example of how to deflate the rnid's ego, as theirs is way too big. :-)

Seriously though, this is not the first time this has happened, I've posted really important information from the UK before now, and its not even seen the light of day. For this reason alone, I cannot rely on deafread.com to give me the "Best of Blogs", and only use it for a USA perspective.

Moderators solely based in the USA cannot determine nor judge international content, and how deafread.com (for the other good it does) fails on so many levels outside the States.


I'm sorry I don't understand, can you speak American please?

All you do is whine -- come on! If you don't like it, use elsewhere.


There's DeafPulse...you should consider contacting Nathan to include your blog in DeafPulse without any human "filters".

That's interesting. You brought up a good point about whether or not we're sufficiently aware of international goings-on. My guess is probably not. Thanks for bringing this up and making me (and hopefully other Americans) think. :)


Or, make the case to the editors at DeafRead that they should see about including a couple of international editors in their pool to help recognize other important issues.

I confess, though, the way you phrased it, I thought you were saying the two men resigned from Grumpy Old Deafies, which made no sense to me...? But what you mean is they posted about it, I guess.

Anyway, I'd see if they're open to adding someone from the UK to the editorial board...

Dear Anonymous,

This have been done already.

We are aware that DeafRead as it currently stands is mostly USA centric. This is something that we want to remedy in the near future.

However, I would like to point out that we currently have a few international bloggers/vloggers who we subscribe to. They often bring new perspectives to the site and for that we are very appreciative. We also acknowledge the importance of continuing to expand the group of bloggers/vloggers from outside the USA.

If one our editors failed to grasp the significance of that event, perhaps it's not 100% the fault of the editor but also the failure of the blog post itself to explain to newcomers about how important this event was to the Deaf in UK.

The human editors of DeafRead are just that...human. We try our best to decide which posts/vlogs will be of a benefit to the majority of the DeafReaders. The purpose of DeafRead is to save time for our DeafReaders by selecting and showing interesting posts. This is why we cannot simply publish everything that comes across our screen. We cannot be perfect in our selection and make everyone happy but we will try to the best of our abilities.

This is why we always tell our readers to subscribe DeafRead Extra or directly subscribe to their favorite bloggers/vloggers so that they will never miss a post. We believe in helping Deaf bloggers/vloggers to build up their own loyal fan base. We are more interested in attracting new eyeballs and sending them all over the internet to the Deaf bloggers/vloggers.

On an additional note, We are currently working on the internationalization of DeafRead. When the time comes, we will be reaching out to international community of Deaf bloggers/vloggers and will be asking a few to join us as editors for their respective countries.

Hopefully, this will help to bring together the international community of Deaf people on a scale never seen before and open all of our eyes to what the Deaf people are doing in countries across the world.

Jared - what you're asking me to do, is something like: the Chair of the BoT at Gallaudet has resigned, and also the President. Spell out the obvious as to why their resignations are newsworthy, and give a basic history lesson.

I don't write a blog to educate yanks, I write a blog because its news. What you are requesting, is putting the States on an elevated position. Perhaps the same stipulation should go to all USAers to explain why Gally, NAD etc is important and write a massive history around this before they get to da point! :-)

I appreciate editors are human, but I don't think its that. Am just highlighting that people from just from the States are always going to have a distorted effect on moderation, as far as international issues go, because there's little penetration outside borders.


As one of the DeafRead Human Editors here, allow me to point out that I am Canadian. I may reside in the States but I am not a "yank" (or even a 'yank" wannabe) and as a respectful neighbor, I would never label any American as such.

We are, however, working on looking into getting DeafRead more international, as Jared pointed out. DeafRead.com is not even a year old and we are always looking for ways to improve DeafRead.

If anyone feels we missed a very important post on their blog or vlog, please send us an email and point it out. We are more than glad to look into it.

By the way, we love getting suggestions and ideas from DeafReaders. Because it's not us, the Human Editors who run DeafRead, it's you guys (and gals ;)) who write blogs and videotape vlogs. We just do our best (even during crisis) to pick out the best to post onto DeafRead.

Contact me if you want to discuss this some more, Alison. Would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

I would have to acknowledge and agree with your stance. DeafRead editors are human, and that presupposes bias. Their editors, whether Americans or Canadians, have always appeared to show ignorance or have lack of experience about Deaf issues on an international level or scale. That is how DeafRead is (the Far West xenophobia). As you saw through it, Alison, it is evinced from not what they edit, but from what they edited. It may very well be how they edit.

I strongly recommend DeafPulse.com. It was started up only recently and already have so much potential. No need for human editors. International information networking based on a superior programming without bias is the way to go.

Have some experience of international stuff via deaf lawyers. We've foundly called USAers 'yanks', call me a Limey if you want (label frequently used by a Canadian Deaf friend). Am trying to lighten things up, but there's a very serious point amongst this.

Also, although Canada is a different country, there's lots of similarities ... as I've found out through 8 years or deaf lawyers on an international scale.

There's so much more I could say about this, and will do in a future post.

Human editors are just that...human.

Well duh...and how many of them are UK? European? Australian?...ok anyone of them from outside of North America? (tiny geography lesson - North America is a continent not a country)

With the lack of editors from outside of North America, you are always going to have a USA-centric view and won't grasp the importance of news from somewhere like UK.

It's also very cheeky to suggest that a Limey/Taffy/Pommie/insert your favourite slang for British blogger explain why RNID news is important for yanks?!

And yet expect no-one in USA to do the same.

Yes...editors are just that...human, but you need a bit more tact that suggesting bloggers from outside of USA explain things so that yanks can get it - here's a surprise...

blogs are viewable around the world - why don't USA bloggers explain things for the benefit of the world instead of assuming they know why the Gallugent protest is important even in places such as Tibet.

Both perspectives here have a lot of validity, in my opinion.

I think the Gally protest *did* need some explaining in the beginning. And some bloggers provided that explanation, which was helpful to many people, both outside and inside the US. There may not be the need for a long-winded history lesson, but a bit of background info is helpful for ANYONE. It's possible there are some people in Britain who are a bit clueless about what's going on with RNID (then again, maybe not - I'm not across the pond, so I can't pass judgement). Point is - a bit of background info is good, no matter what topic you broach or where you're from, because there are always those who won't have the "expected" background understanding to follow one's post.

I agree with Alison and those who say DeafRead would benefit from editors outside of North America, and they say that's one of their goals. Terrific! That's needed and I'm looking forward to when that happens.

Your point is well made and taken to heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I'm embarrassed to see some of the first few comments. Not everyone over here in the USA are that heartless.

Thanks for bringing your issue to light. I think by the comments made above from the DeafRead moderators that your point was heard and efforts to be more inclusive are forthcoming.


~ LaRonda

Since UK bloggers feed links to deaf.read, they should now consider the fact American deaf do not follow our politics, BSL, and issues, and provide background to help them along, they just linked up or post a blog, and Americans are like ...what ?

Deaf.read is a revelation, a fantastic coming together of deaf bloggers, or all kinds, the UK has yet to score..... and doesn't know how to run a successful site like theirs. Perhaps seek their advice first... We've nothing like it here, and UK attitudes are 'take it or leave it, it's here, use it... up to you..' Our deaf leave it... it's the clinical approach, not the personal.

No MM, you got it all wrong AGAIN! DeafRead IS US centric.. I'm an Aussie, and I registered with DeafRead, and my posts don't show up.. even when I have written a post in direct response to issues I have read on DeafRead.

DeafRead as it stands is like an insular forum, where YANKEE vloggers and bloggers are commenting on their YANKEE issues, and are blind to outside responses to some interesting issues that various yankee bloggers raise..hey I'm even picking up on some ASL while I watch some of their VLOGS.

True, the quality of blogging on DeafRead is very good, and is SUMMAT other Deafies from around the world could do to emulate [HINT MM].

However, the thing that Deaf Blogs got right in the first place, was the fact they made it an INTERNATIONAL FBLOG AGGREGATOR from the word go..they didn't tread water, they didn't umm and ah, they hit the ground running, and gave voice to Deafies around the world, not just the UK!

Sorry, correction to be made: DeafRead is not like an Insular forum, it is an insular forum!

Deaf.read was never envisaged I suspect as a site for world deaf use orginally, that's just a welcome addition to it, but the UK deaf version doesn't offer much to us does it ?

There are next to no deaf people here vblogging, and or talking about things that concern the deaf and signing community much at all.

I'll take my chances there, I'm well aware they can take it or leave it, (And do !), but at least they ALLOW it.

Look the Americans do NOT need us, we DO, need them, because at least you can see and read deaf people doing SOMETHING.

It's not insular, YOU are, they do say, If I'm a good boy, I (May), get an invite to deaf.blog again, hello ? we're in the second millenium now...

I've found the American 'moderators' always polite,and reasonably accepting, we could learn a lot here, but I doubt it...

Let us clarify a couple of things.

One, you don't get an invite to deaf-blogs, you go to the site and REGISTER YOURSELF. I'm sure the site owners would only be too happy to ensure your blog shows up on the updates.

Two, we do not need America.

Three, the bloggers on Deaf Blogs are practicisng what you have always said we should practise, write about things of interest to us, and not be so insular in our views.

Fourth, stop these thinly disguised attacks against Alison and company. You don't like it here, BUG OFF!

See how far that attitude would get you on deaf.read. Hardly a resounding endorsement for deaf.blog, or UK is it ? real contributers are being driven away by people like you. No doubt why no-one ever responds to your blog at all. You are offensive, and offer personal and pornographic attacks on deaf people too, you onviously have a chip the size of a forest and issues not resolved. If anyone deserves 'de-listing' it is you.

MM..if you don't like my blog DON'T READ IT! If you don't like Alison's efforts in what she does, DON'T OFFER THINLY DISGUISED CRITICISM OF HER AS ALTERNATIVE COMMENTS!

So like I said, if you don't like it here, or can't appreicate Alion's efforts in setting up Deaf Blogs, Bug Off!

Late to the post I know.
I have spent a few times submitting my blog and last few months wondering why my blog not showed up. No email no nothing.
Here is me thinking am I not deaf enough no Vlogs in on my site.
Upon reading this and came across Jared Evans comment "This is why we always tell our readers to subscribe DeafRead Extra"
Lo and behold there is my postings!!!!
Now why is there no RSS icon to deaf read extra?

DeafRead Extra RSS is on the front page. Look in the right column and click on DeafRead Extra Feed.


Deafread.com missed this important blog entry regarding the future of deaf society. A deaf society that can adapt themselves to make their lives better.


Dont forget to bookmark or add to your RSS list.



Wow I'd talk like that too. Theys dont include japanese, korean vlogs too. Theyre fun to try figure out what theyre saying.


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