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Joost (again)

joost.jpgI banged on about Joost last January, where's the subtitles? The only thing I can access is Aardman Productions, and Morph. A side note for international readers, Morph came about because of the need for BSL on television, and first took the form of Vision On. Morph takes me straight back to childhood!

How many Deaf people are involved with beta testing and do they actually get a say in respect of access? There's a thread on the Joost forum in respect of subtitles, interestingly this was not initially presented as a DEAF need, but for speakers of other languages other than English.

Joost has just raised another $45 million in respect of financing, this is presumably on top of the $2.6 billion previously raised. Since they are going to be showing content, e.g. from CNN, does the contract(s) say anything about an obligation to subtitle its output? What laws do you have in respect of captioning, and can it be extended to cover internet television?

I feel a bit powerless here, since Joost is based in the States I know nothing about subtitling / captioning law in that jurisdiction and furthermore how to enforce this. The breaking down of jurisdictional boundaries is redefining the need to understand law around access in other countries, something we as campaigners have had little need to do before. This raises all sorts of issues around the need to create more international partnerships in future.

What I really would like to see on Joost is a sign language channel. Lets have this mainstream, as part of another service. Don't marginalise. And let Deaf people be involved at the core of this, and more importantly lead. One has to be careful here, and ensure a distinction is made between decentralised content (something I've been vocal about recently) in the form of vlogs, with pure television.

If you want a Joost invite, just drop a comment in the box below (include a valid e mail address in the e mail field) or e mail me direct, and I'll wing one your way.


Email me the Joost invitation.

Many thanks!

Please send me an invite. Thanks so much!

I have joost.. not impressive though. oh did i say no subtitles pah.. its crap

Wing it pls. Is anyone covering the media accessibility issues (particularly for Deaf) on the Stateside?

Alison, keep up the good work as it's great you are vigilant on this matter. It's important we don't miss the boat and get a Deaf foot in the hearing door, at the beta stage.

Whilst keeping on the subject, I'd better mention that 4 On Demand (Channel 4's IPTV) doesn't contains any subtitles even though, previously, they did contains subtitles on terrestial and freeview TV. I do not know why it didn't migrate onto their IPTV service.

Since posting this last night, I had wondered if it was possible for the end country to control what comes into its borders. e.g. commercial television broadcast via the internet in the UK must carry subtitles.

I can see problems with this approach, in that it would make hearies pissed off, secondly could alienate the UK when it came down to getting television. People would just say, okay no TV for you.

As an example, Pandora (internet radio station) recently closed its broadcast to the UK (and outside the US) because there was problems with copyright.

If the same thing happened to Joost, close in the UK, then people would be annoyed. Yet perhaps would get the access issue. There is a careful need to balance this out, and for Deafies to work together between countries.

@Tony B, agree with you re subtitles and C4 etc. Why is access always an afterthought not central to the thing in the first place? We can't seem to rely on goodwill, but need to legislate every time.

@Fintan, agree re crap content, but you can see where tv is going, and we have to keep up with this. I did manage to watch Guinness Book of Records TV though, even though I couldn't understand a word! It was visual enough for me to figure out what was going on.

P.S. Joost invites have been sent out to all those who requested them. If you didn't get yours, please let me know.

one invite needed here. Thank You!

I would love an invite too if you could!

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