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Skype for gamers?

Joe altered me to Ars Technica carrying a blog post about Skype busts into casual gaming market:

"People are increasingly using Skype to interact with one another, with many choosing to play simple games like checkers or backgammon," Amery said at the keynote. "However, the tremendous size of Skype's user base makes it an ideal environment for multi-player and community-based games in which people can play against or collaborate with one another."

Whilst these games would only be playable via Skype, and there's issues whether gaming developers will bite the bullet. However, you can see the trend as far as VoIP goes. Imagine trying to use Second Life of WoW, and insisting that people use text to plan e.g. raids in WoW.

Increasingly we are seeing the net mirror society, as far as inaccessibility goes. For the past 10-15 years, Deaf people have enjoyed a relatively easy oasis: the net suddenly presented a world without barriers, information and interaction was accessible. I fear that is about to end, and we are about to take a full loop. Instead of advancing, in many respects the net is about to go backwards. Solutions need to start being developed at the same pace as mainstream advances, with accessibility being a central theme, and not an afterthought.

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