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Video: how to use RSS

Here goes, beating the same drum again. If you aren't using RSS already, you really need to.

I've used RSS for 3 years and its totally changed the way I've interacted online. Here's an entry I did back in 2004 (my thoughts / understanding of has changed since then). I still find it difficult to comprehend that people who aren't using RSS in 2007. However, there's many people out there who still don't know, and I've frequently encountered the frustration of having to explain.

If you still don't have a clue what RSS is, I would suggest you watch this video (yes, its subtitled):

When you've watched it, do something about it. There's only one way to really get RSS, and that is to actually try it out and give it say a month's trial.

As for people who have websites (banging on the same drum again), if your website doesn't support a RSS feed I really am not interested in what you have to say and I'm not going back. This is the same for many people, and to this end I would suggest that anyone who has a website addresses this.

Which brings me onto the next point, not enough website designers in Deaf circles within the UK know about RSS and incorporate them into web design. I've made this point before, and I just get, 'the designer doesn't know how', or 'the designer says not enough people use RSS'. Absolute rubbish! Try something like FeedFire.

Video link via Grant W Laird Jr


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Yes! That is true! After resisting it for ages (because I thought it was too complicated - how wrong I was!), I decided to give it a week's trial.

Loved it after about 2 days!

Go on, have a go. It makes life so much easier.

You wrote "I still find it difficult to comprehend that people who aren't using RSS in 2007"
I agree with you there and I love getting deaf blogs come to me. once you tried it you never go back the old way.
I normally point people to BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/rss/default.stm

My favorite RSS reader is iGoogle.com (iGoogle.com)

Hi there, that's very good of how to use RSS with the subtitles. Is any good ??


@Noelle, RSS - used it for over 3 years now, and I couldn't live without it. Go and try it out.

Thanks for this. I will try this out.