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BBC on YouTube, but where's the subtitles?

The BBC is available on YouTube (channel only available in the UK). YouTube BBC Worldwide is available for those outside the UK. More about this on the BBC's website.

One question: where's the subtitles?

In fact I don't even see a button on YouTube to display captions if needed. When the BBC made a YouTube deal, why wasn't accessibility at the heart of this?

The corporation will also get a share of the advertising revenue generated by traffic to the new YouTube channels.

Both Google and the BBC is financially benefiting from this. The BBC is a public service, and it really is not okay to leave part of your audience out. As a large corporation, it has the negotiation weight to insist that subtitles are incorporated. So much for living in 2007, and access to be at the heart of decision making!

For a company filled with PhDs, Google really does not have the excuse to knock some code up to make subtitling an option, to turn on or off. Yesterday I blogged about closed captions being available in various languages for Google Video. Since its the same company, why hasn't access been carried over at the outset?

As a side note, I brought this point up back in June. I've got concerns re accessibility of YouTube for Ushers and deafblind, is the picture quality good enough to follow BSL (if that ever happened) or subtitling? I can't answer that question, as I don't fall into this category but as a person with good vision I know the quality of video on is not so good due to compression and how the picture is transmitted. Thus is a public service institution in danger of leaving out a significant chunk of the population?

Here we go again, who do we write a formal complaint to?

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Have you heard of Babel Bear? Anyone can easily add subtitles directly on top of You Tube videos. You can also request subtitles for videos that don't already have them. It will notify you when they are made. Don't leave it to corporations to build in accessibility, democratizing it is key!

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