January 9, 2007

Trefeglwys Online

This afternoon I eventually managed to send out a Newsletter for Trefeglwys Online. This is a site I've been working on for the past year, and why I'd abandoned much other online activity in favour of getting this finished. Code tinkered with, seven census years transcribed, wills, family trees built, and identification of other material. I owe thanks to a few key people, in supporting me getting the site this far.

The website isn't finished, well it will never be finished, but its not quite up to the presentation standard I would like before shouting about it to wider circles. There's still a lot of blanks, a lot of the content needs rewriting plus a bit more organisation on my part. However, a significant milestone in that I was ready to let 60 people know about this site (and any random person who happens to read this blog), and heading towards the finish line instead of the other way.

Within hours of sending this newsletter, I've put four people in contact with each other, all relatives unaware of the other. That alone has made it worth it. The power of social software, the ability to make connections and to enhance lives. Who says the net has to be a detriment, and make one anti social?

November 30, 2006

Concept Share: visual collaboration

cslogo.gifConcept Share went live today, and is another example of visual collaboration tools that is springing up.

The focus is on visual, with the ability to upload files or urls for web pages, with future plans for uploading video. A team can use and compare visual images, say for website development or some other project that is visual in nature, and discuss. The application is ajax heavy, which allows a greater interactive nature.

The basic account is free, and with this comes restrictions. For example, you cannot add notes or edit on a visual image, somewhat restricting functionality. The chat function appears to be restricted, which doesn't give the user an opportunity to wean onto the product, before considering upgrading their plan.

That said, even with a free account focused on solo working, it has its benefits, including concepts or designs at a central point in an ajax supported environment. I've just tried it for a website I'm trying to develop, and always losing the urls of designs that I like.

There is future plans to include uploading videos, but due to current storage limits, its usefulness would be restricted, unless one had a large bank account and/or the ability to store such files externally and to be temporarily imported or displayed into the application.

I've not upgraded, thus not in a position to comment on paid accounts. However, if you do intend to go down this route, you will be interested in:

Free Customized Branding to any Bronze or Silver package, a $25 a month value. (Note: branding is already included in our Gold and Platinum packages)

To take advantage of this offer just sign up for any of our paid subscription accounts and enter:

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