November 30, 2006

AVG remains free

A few weeks back, I started to get an annoying pop up box on my machine, to say that AVG Anti Virus would not be free after 17 January. You now have to pay for the product, or bang goes any protection for you.

I fell for it, and started to look at alternatives. Other people did the same, and only yesterday afternoon I started to wade through different anti virus alternatives. If a decent free alternative wasn't available, then I wouldn't be paying for AVG since I've been told many times that AVG doesn't perform as well as other anti virus software.

A fluke. Seems AVG is saying version 7.1 won't be free anymore, pay up. What they don't make clear is if you upgrade to version 7.5, it continues to be free.

A clever use of English, and a way to get people to pay. Pay for a lesser product, yet the upgraded version is free.

7.5 is here.